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The practice was formed in 2007 by Daniel Townend RIBA. Daniel qualified as an architect from the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL and has over 15 years professional experience working for award winning practices in the UK. The practice is small and flexible, and has extensive knowledge in a wide range of sectors such as private residential, housing development, workplace, media, culture, community and private health, and draws on experience from Asia, Europe, and the UK. Collaborations are often formed with other architects and designers should the scale, nature or location of your project require it.

Our focus is our clients' specific requirements, and we consider the briefing stage of each project to be a critical part of the process. We understand the big picture, and that good architecture and design is one aspect of our clients' considerations. We know maximising value is of key importance, be it financial, social or environmental. A close dialogue and flexibility are central to leading our clients through the whole process from conception to occupation.

During the design phase, we look carefully at the site context to spark ideas. We use the site's relationship to existing buildings and landscape, orientation, natural light and colour as design tools, and we explore the use of innovative materials and new technologies as well as more established methods. We aim to keep a sustainability agenda at the heart of the design, considering the complete lifecycle of the building and looking to use features such as green roofs, solar panels, natural cooling and ventilation, water recycling and ground source heat pumps. We believe a rigorous approach to the design phase, and the associated research required, often leads to the most innovative solutions.

We offer project management as well as design services. Before construction, careful attention is paid to working closely with consultants, enabling full cost analysis, and ensuring that correct procurement advice can be given to allow your project to run smoothly. During construction, we can work directly with the contractor so that the project can be delivered on time and on budget, and to a high quality finish.

We are not constrained to certain building types. We believe the principles of good architecture and design are widely applicable and that the spaces we create for our clients benefit people that occupy and experience those spaces, whether these are homes, workplaces, community centres, health centres, or museums.